Beltania is a retreat, camping festival, and musicfest. It is geared towards those who practice an Earth-honoring religious or spiritual path. We welcome all who wish to express their support of religious diversity, freedom of expression, and worldwide peace and harmony.

About Beltane/Beltaine/Bealtainne and May Day

The first day of May is known as May Day, a sacred Sabbat known as Beltane (Beltaine, Bealtainne). Our festival is but one of hundreds of Beltane celebrations happening at this time around the world. Beltane has been celebrated for eons and dates back to pre-Christian Celtic times, and is a fire festival celebrating the bright half of the year. Traditionally, the Balefire is lit to signal the return of the sun’s strength, and people dance around the maypole which symbolizes fertility. There’s a lot more to the history, lore, activities, and symbology of Beltane, but suffice to say Beltania is not designed to reenact or recreate ancient Pagan ways. Rather, it’s a modern celebration and interpretation of this May Day tradition. (Read more about May Day/Beltane

About Our Beltania Festival

Beltania is a four day long celebration of this special time of year that is filled with ritual, song, dance, community events, and general merry-making. We invite all friends, pagan and non-pagan alike, to join us for an amazing, fun-filled, family-friendly event. Most importantly, the organizers hope to create community, celebration, and deep spiritual connection with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine as we each desire.

As you may have noticed, Beltania isn't exactly on Beltane. Colorado weather is a bit better later in the month, and by having the festival later we have found more people are able to attend. 

Highlights of Beltania include:
  • MusicFest on Friday and Saturday with local, national, and internationally-known singers, songwriters, and musicians
  • Maypole Dance with over 100 ribbons
  • Our very own "Green Man" and "May Queen" are crowned each year with much rejoicing!
  • Workshops with special guest presenters and many local talented teachers, ritualists, and community leaders
  • Spiritual and religious rituals and ceremonies of a wide variety of Earth-honoring, Magickal, Metaphysical, or other Alternative traditions
  • All night long drumming and dancing circles - and many other opportunities to gather in bardic circles, singing and telling stories around the campfire

Who Comes to Beltania?

The organizers of the festival are mostly Neo-Pagan and therefore the ritual elements, workshops, and general theme are Pagan-oriented. However, with the wide appeal of many of the musical performers and the inclusiveness and diversity of many of our activities such as drum circles and workshops, we expect attendance from many who follow an Earth-centered, Goddess-centered, metaphysical, or alternative/individualistic spiritual path who might not label themselves as Pagan.

Most importantly, we hope to create community, celebration, and deep spiritual connection with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine as we each desire.

Anyone who is open minded and wants to either be a part of our community or learn more about our community is welcome to attend. 

Whether by strange coincidence or a newly emerging pattern of demographics, many of us who come to Beltania (and especially among the staff) have spouses or other family members who classify themselves as skeptics, atheists, or non-spiritual. We offer a warm welcome to these folks and everyone who wishes to be a part of our community.

Who Runs Beltania and Why?

Living Earth Church is the organization in charge of running, financing, hosting, and organizing Beltania.  Beltania is just one of many of Living Earth activities, as we hold regular religious services and offer many different events, activities, and resources throughout the year. Beltania is our largest event and is our main annual fundraiser.  We offer ongoing open rituals for sabbats, full moons, dark moons, and new moon esbats. There are many open drumming circles, chant circles, fellowship events, classes, and more. You are welcome to come, as you are!

A special group of volunteers who comprise the Beltania Staff. The Beltania Staff includes not only Living Earth members, but also several other churches, groups, and individuals who want to find a way to make a difference through community service. Learn More About Our Partners In Presenting Beltania or consider Joining The Beltania Staff

Most importantly, we hope to create community, celebration, and deep spiritual connection with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine as we each desire.

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