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More About May Day/Beltane

What exactly does this holiday celebrate? Who celebrates it, and why? 
Beltane marks the beginning of summer, halfway between the spring equinox (Ostara) and the summer solstice (Litha, also known as Midsummer). Beltane is most widely known in America as a Wiccan Sabbat. Our Beltania Festival is a modern interpretation of an ancient Celtic holiday about optimism, fertility, growth, love, beauty, and the celebration and union of male and female aspects of the Divine. 

Dream along with this poetic vision...

"When the gates of Beltane swing open, sunlight and blossom welcome the procession of the year into the green halls of summer.

With the fires lit and joy abounding, in fields surrounding our homes, the animals are mating, and the flowers raise their heads to the sun. The crest of summer is upon us as we dance our union with mirth and cheer. The Green Man and May Queen have appeared.

The ancient festival has come again, celebrating life, love, and fertility. We gather together, kin folk and friend, to bid an end to winter and darkness. With music and laughter, cakes and ale, we share our communion to bless the land. Our hopes and dreams have been planted with seeds laid long ago, and here they come to fruition and aid us as we grow."