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Living Earth Church and Partners in Presenting Beltania

The organizers of the festival are mostly Neo-Pagan and therefore the ritual elements, workshops, and general theme are Pagan-oriented. However, with the wide appeal of many of the musical performers and the inclusiveness and diversity of many of our activities such as drum circles and workshops, we expect attendance from many who follow an Earth-centered, Goddess-centered, metaphysical, or alternative/individualistic spiritual path who might not label themselves as Pagan.

Most importantly, we hope to create community, celebration, and deep spiritual connection with each other, with the Earth, and with the Divine as we each desire.
Living Earth Church

Join our Meetup Page to become a member and receive detailed event invitations and information: www.meetup.com/livingearth
Living Earth is an open circle of individuals and families in the Highlands Ranch / South Denver area of Colorado. We share spiritual philosophies and practices of Neo-Pagan Earth Religion, celebrate the seasons, and grow together in a supportive, egalitarian, casual environment. The vast majority of our events are designed to be family-friendly, although many of our members do not have children. Our ceremonies gravitate towards eclectic Wiccan Tradition.

Living Earth's mission is to provide a forum for networking and events and to create a visible, easily accessible, positive Pagan community in the south area of Denver. To do this, we first and foremost sponsor free rituals for Sabbats and full moons. We also host many other events such as social events and workshops. Our new facility is located at 2120 S Holly St #9, Denver CO 80222. 
Our mailing address is PO Box 631031, Littleton, CO 80163. 

Living Earth Church holds Beltania as our largest annual event and fundraiser. Proceeds support our shared community center, outreach activities, charitable giving, and volunteer work.  

Northern Colorado Covenant of the River

The Covenant of the River is proud to support Living Earth and Beltania through workshops, Ritual and crafts. We are excited to sponsor the Neo-Pagan Highland Games and the Sweat Lodge Ceremonies as well as run the Gate Team. One of the main goals of our Covenant is to build a strong diverse community of Earth Centered Faith walkers, and through Beltania, we are doing just that.

The Northern Colorado Covenant of the River has been an active part of the greater Fort Collins, CO Pagan community for over 8 years. We are a family friendly, eclectic group who gathers to explore, exchange knowledge, learn about and further understand our own Spiritual Paths, while finding acceptance within the comfort of an open circle atmosphere. The NCCR is a place where all with an open heart and mind are welcome. We meet each Sunday to host a variety of activities and discussions. Come out and meet local Pagans, Asatru, Buddhists, Druids, Wiccans, Witches and other practitioners on a Pagan Path.