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Accessibility Coordinator

Do you have any accessibility needs? Do you have questions about disabled parking spaces, communication or mobility issues, or medical services? Read on!

Knowing your needs ahead of time and notifying the Beltania Access Coordinator can increase our ability to assist you. Waiting for the festival and asking for help at Beltania with no advanced notice can decrease our ability to help you when the need arises. While we cannot promise to meet every need, we will do what we can to help your experience at Beltania be the best it can be.

Please be aware that Beltania is an event that involves camping out in nature. A certain amount of roughing it is to be expected. Long distances, high elevation, uneven roads/pathways, and unpredictable weather cause conditions that may interfere with mobility and mobility aids. We will be some distance away from medical facilities and there is no electricity or water pumps. 

Come prepared to take care of your own needs by bringing, in addition to your camping supplies, mobility aids, back up batteries, a first aid kit specialized to your needs, daily medicines, self preservation and common sense. Feel free to notify us of your needs so we can help in any way we can. 

If you use American Sign Language to communicate, a pre-certified interpreter will be available to interpret. If you plan to attend Beltania and will need sign language interpretation or other communication options, please let us know ahead of time, preferably by the end of March. 

If you have any accessibility needs- physical or communication or otherwise- please let us know.

Thank you,
Access Coordinator

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Accessibility Needs Notification Form