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Here's where to find all the descriptions and details of what happens where at Beltania!

About Our Community Fires:

Center of the Universe

There are three campfires in the Center of the Universe: One in front of the stage, and two closer to the Maypole Ritual Circle.. 

We expect that the fire in front of the stage will be lit whenever it is cold, and will probably be staffed at more times than any other fires. You may bring a grate or other implements for cooking over these fires. However no supplies are provided. Come meet new friends, enjoy the warmth, and hang out by these fires! 

Wild Meadow Drumming 

18 + ONLY. All night drumming and trance circle starting at dark or when concerts are over, around the Wild Meadow Fire Pit.

Fire Dancers of Keepers of the Flame will be performing around this all-night drum circle throughout the festival. Drummers of Djembe Cowboys will be leading the drumming. Anyone can join in too!

If you were at Beltania last year, you can expect the same sort of environment in the Wild Meadow this year. Respect is expected at all times, drunkenness and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated at any time in community spaces. Enforcement of these policies to ensure a safe and spiritual experience for all.

During the daylight hours, cooking is allowed over the balefire. 

Connection Canopy

To maintain the comfort of our campers and workshop participants, a fire pit will be located at each of these workshop areas.

If you wish to enjoy this fire pit and no one is staffing it, send word to the Info Booth that you will be lighting it and putting it out when you leave and notify the Info Booth that you have done this.

You may bring a grate or other implements for cooking over this fire. However no supplies are provided. This are quieter spaces, away from the hustle and bustle. Anyone is welcome to come drum and sing around these fires.Bardic Circle Thursday Night

The Center of the Universe

The central hub of Beltania Festival activity is hereafter referred to as "The Center of the Universe." The Center of the Universe, which most fundamentally in this Beltania model represents the center of expansion for all of Spacetime (as defined by Albert Einstein) and includes the Main Stage, Kitchen/Food Services, Info Booth, General Store, Merchant’s Row, Main Maypole and Ritual Area, Sacred Balefires, Silent Auction Tent, and Community Center.
At the Info Booth

The Information Booth is located near the Stage in the Center of the Universe and is the place to go for many things:

· Information and Event Details

· WORKSHIFT SIGN-IN for all 2-hour workshifts (except gate volunteers can go straight to the gate)

· Updates and Last Minute Changes to the Schedule

· Sweat Lodge times and sign-up

· Lost and Found

· Lost Children

· First Aid

· Communications

· Beltania Staff Representatives
The General Store

The General Store is located at the end of Merchant’s Rown nearest to the Community Center and Stage area of the Center of the Universe.

· Beltania T-shirts and Official Merchandise

· CD’s and Books from our performers and special guests

· Forget something needed for camping? Camping equipment and supplies to make your stay more comfy will be available for sale.

· ICE - (Must be pre-ordered by 7pm the day before, pickup at 9am).
The Main Stage

A full sound and lighting system completes the 28’ Beltania Main Stage. It’s the perfect place to catch musical performances all Friday and Saturday, from the afternoon to late in the evening. A full schedule is available in your Program and at

Please do not venture into the area behind the stage. It is reserved for staff and performers only.
Main Ritual Area with Maypole and Sacred Balefires

To the north of the Community Center is a large open space for rituals, ceremonies, and the Maypole Dance.
Community Center Pavilion

Covered canopies with picnic tables. Eat, socialize, and enjoy the concerts here. You’ll also find:

Children’s Activities

Check the Program for scheduled activities to enjoy with your children. We do not provide any childcare so please attend all activities with your children.

Message Boards

Message boards will be available at the Community Center for a variety of purposes: to leave messages for others in your party, to announce spontaneous rituals or other attendee-initiated activities, to provide updates on upcoming workshops, concerts, or other activities, and for private babysitting or parent childcare co-op arrangements (not sponsored by Living Earth).
Workshop Area

Various workshops and classes will take place at the Community Center. Check the Program for details.
Merchant’s Row

Shop for a wide variety of unique and handcrafted items along our Merchant’s Row.
Silent Auction Tent

The silent auction helps raise funds for Beltania, so bid generously and often! Just like Ebay, bid on items and raise money for this nonprofit effort. On site bidding opens Thursday with the auction ending on Saturday afternoon. Please, pay for and pick up your winnings no later than Saturday evening and don’t forget all donations are welcomed! 

Food Services at The Cauldron

Meals and snacks may be purchased directly from the kitchen tent. Cash only, no checks or credit cards. $20 punchcards in advance through online registration also available, or purchase with cash at the kitchen tent.

2014 Menu: 
Will Include *Gluten Free and ^Vegetarian Options At Every Meal!
Add Extra Cheese or Bacon for a Buck!

Breakfast Every Day:
Big-n-Hearty Breakfast Burritos $4, Pancakes $3, Hearty Oatmeal $3 
Sides and Beverages for $1 each: Bacon, Fresh and Dried Fruit, Extra Cheese, Coffee, Juice, Tea, Milk

Lunch Every Day: 
Grilled Sandwiches, Salad Wraps, Garden Salads all $4 
Sides and Beverages for $1 each: Bacon, Fresh and Dried Fruit, Extra Cheese, Chips and Beverages

Dinner Varies Each Day
$5 for a Combo! 
*Chicken Stew  or *^Vegetable Stew or *^Fresh Garden Salad
Served with Roll and Beverages
Extras for $1: Bacon, Cheese, *^Fruit, Dessert 

^*Vegetarian Bean Chili or Chili Con Carne or ^*Fresh Garden Salad
Served with 
Roll or Tortilla Chips 
and Beverage
Extras for $1: Bacon, Cheese, *^Fruit, Dessert 

2 Hot Dogs 
1/3 lb Hamburger 
^Veggie Burger 
*^Garden Salad (optional Cheese)
Served with Chips and Beverage
Extras for $1: Bacon, Cheese, Chili, ^*Fruit, Dessert

If you choose not to purchase food, you may bring your own food and cooking supplies if you wish. As stated in the Items to Bring section, Charcoal grills are not allowed. Propane stoves and grills are allowed. See our Fires Policy for more information.

Beltania Traditions

Rituals: Scheduled or On Your Own

Ceremony is an important part of this spiritual gathering. Any person or group is encouraged to perform their own rites and ceremonies, either private or public. Just visit the Community Center to reserve for your choice of location and time. We recommend the Amphitheater or far up Festival Road for private ceremonial use or for spontaneous additional workshops.
Weddings and Handfastings

If you would like to be handfasted or married at Beltania, please contact or visit the information booth at the festival to schedule it. You may perform your own ceremony or bring in your own officiant, or Living Earth priests/priestesses/ministers can perform the ceremony as well. If you have a small number of family and friends who wish to attend your handfasting, we can provide complimentary 3-hour admission for your guests if arranged before April 30.

A detailed program will be given to you upon your arrival. A list will be updated regularly at our website, Workshops will be the first hour and a half of each 2 hour time slot unless otherwise stated, and will have many options for all interests and ages. Music concerts will begin around 1-2pm on Friday and Saturday, break for evening ritual at 7pm, and are finished around 10-11pm.
The May Queen and Green Man

A Beltania Tradition! The previous year’s Green Man and May Queen will be honored for their service and for keeping the spirit of Beltania alive all year. They will also ceremonially pass the crowns to a new Green Man and May Queen who will reign for a full year.

The Green Man and May Queen will partake in various rituals and ceremonies throughout the festival. When you see them, greet them, take pictures, ask for their blessings, give them tokens of appreciation and kind words to thank them for their service. 

If you would like to be considered for next year’s May Queen or Green Man, inquire via our website form at
Main Saturday Maypole Dance

All men are invited to help carry the maypole in the Processional, which is a parade around the festival grounds just prior to the ceremony. Please gather at the Information Booth if you would like to be part of this honored tradition. The May Queen will ride astride the maypole, with the Green Man leading the crew carrying the pole. All ages are welcome to be a part of this processional celebration, please be aware that people do take pictures of this amazing spectacle. Dress in costume, ceremonial garb, or whatever you’d like!

How to Dance the Maypole: Every other person will face right or left. Dancers will pass each other with an over-under-over movement. If you’ve never seen or done a maypole dance, check out 

It’s a big Maypole, yet as the ribbons wind around it space may be a little tight. So if you’re tired, hand off your ribbons to others gathered, 2 ribbons to a person so that there are fewer dancers with more room.
Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
Unless a level 2 fire ban is in place, we will be hosting sweat lodge ceremonies again this year. On Wednesday starting at 12:30pm there is a sweat lodge building ceremony to prepare the sacred ground and construct the lodge. We are looking for others to help us create this sacred space, there is much to do and many hands make light work. Building the lodge is a community experience where participants have the opportunity to call in the directions and spirit guides as they create the sweat lodge, which is an amazing energy vortex that honors Mother Earth, Father Sky and all sentient beings. The sweat lodge provides the opportunity to cleanse and become purified of toxins and outmoded energy through the steam as well as the opportunity for rebirth to connect on deeper levels to your true purpose and interconnectedness to this amazing web of life. A sweat lodge ceremony will be conducted upon completion of construction. We are looking for folks interested in the building process to help build and prepare the lodge. This year the lodge building will be done before festival, so if you are interested you will need to coordinate early entry with Jordan, our Sweat Lodge team lead. Please contact him at

The sweat lodge ceremony, older than recorded history, is practiced in some form by every culture in the world. Our ancient ancestors participated in sweat lodges in order to facilitate healing, purification and transformation in their lives. They knew that the sweat lodge utilized all powers of the universe, earth, water, fire and air and sought to expand their consciousness through these ceremonies.

Sweat lodges will be ongoing throughout the festival, sign up is not required for participation in all ceremonies (except the building of the lodge Wednesday). Come by the sweat lodge or the Info Booth any time to view the schedule. The lodge is just a short and easy 5 minute walk from the Center of the Universe. All are welcome.

Rites of Passage: Girls’ Moonrite, Young Men’s Rites of Passage, and Women’s Croning Ritual

Girls’ Moonrite

The Traditional Girl's Moonrite is an all-night trial for young women who have reached menarche and their mothers (or other adult sponsors) that encourages responsibility, positive body image, empowerment through concrete accomplishments and community involvement, sisterhood, and introspection.

The annual Moonrite will be held this year from 7pm on Friday through the morning of Saturday. . The Rite is presented by Amazon Sisterhood, the women who have been through this Rite over the last twenty years. The Rite is funded by the Sisterhood and the community, there is no charge to the maidens or their families – this is our gift to the newest members of our community.

Preparing and customizing the event for each candidate is a long process that can take months, so we ask that our candidates pre-register for the event. In order to provide the most personal Rite for each maiden, there is limited space available for candidates. Register early to ensure your candidacy! The year’s registration deadline is April 1. Please note that registering for the Moonrite is separate from and in addition to purchasing your admission to Beltania.

To begin the Moonrite registration process, or if you have any questions about the Moonrite, please email Aly at

Young Men’s Rites of Passage Ritual
The coming of age ritual is universal. The specific practices may be different, the language, the symbols, even the deities and religions are different, but almost every culture in the world has some form of ritual for the change from being a child to being an adult.

More and more young men are growing up in modern society without such a transition, without any role model or way of knowing how they are expected to behave as an adult. A rite of passage is an excellent opportunity to change this. To give them a point in time to cling to, something to point at and say “I am a man”.

The Young Men’s Rites of Passage will begin at 2pm on Friday and should end around 6:30 though the exact length of the ritual will depend on the young men involved. We will meet at the amphitheater, please bring your son and be prepared to take part in the first five to ten minutes of the ceremony with them.

The rites will include challenges both physical and mental, education of both mind and soul, a chance for the young men to ask questions of an independent third party and tasks they must accomplish to progress. The rites are open to all ages 13-18 who feel they are ready to become a man, however, they must really be ready to move forward and accept the challenges of being a man before they can begin.

These rites are presented by the Northern Colorado Covenant of the River and all materials will be provided. There is no charge for the rites however we ask that you pre-register before May 1st by contacting Also feel free to write with any questions you may have.

Croning Ceremony for Older Women

This year there will be a croning ceremony for older women. There may be a workshop about what it means to be a crone. Check the program for details, and the Master Schedule at