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Center of the Universe

The central hub of Beltania Festival activity is hereafter referred to as "The Center of the Universe." The Center of the Universe, which most fundamentally in this Beltania model represents the center of expansion for all of Space-time (as defined by Albert Einstein) and includes the Main Stage,  Info Booth, Woodburning Balefire and Balefire Ritual Area, Food Service on Friday and Saturday Dinner only, Medical Assistance, and Community Center with two propane fires for your enjoyment.

Info Booth
The Information Booth is located near the Stage in the Center of the Universe and is the place to go for many things:
  • Information and Event Details
  • WORKSHIFT SIGN-IN for all 2-hour workshifts (except gate volunteers can go straight to the gate)
  • Updates and Last Minute Changes to the Schedule
  • Message Boards
  • Lost and Found
  • Lost Children
  • First Aid
  • Communications
  • Beltania Staff Representatives
Main Stage
A full sound and lighting system completes the Beltania Main Stage. It’s the perfect place to catch musical performances all Friday and Saturday, from the afternoon to late in the evening. A full schedule is available in your Program and on the Line Up.
Main Ritual Area with Maypole and Sacred Balefires
Outside the building is a space for rituals, ceremonies, and the Maypole Dance.
Community Center Pavilion

Eat, socialize, and enjoy the concerts here. You’ll also find:

Message Boards
Message boards will be available at the Community Center for a variety of purposes: to leave messages for others in your party, to announce spontaneous rituals or other attendee-initiated activities, to provide updates on upcoming workshops, concerts, or other activities, and for private babysitting or parent childcare co-op arrangements (not sponsored by Living Earth).

Workshop Area
Various workshops and classes will take place at the Community Center.

Community Information Table
Community groups and individuals may share their flyers of upcoming events and ongoing opportunities. Businesses and for-profit at one table, non-profit at another.  Come to learn more about what's happening and who's doing it. Share, network, get involved!