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Drumming and Fire Circles

A variety of community fire pits are available for all Beltania guests. Living Earth is providing firewood and supplies, as well as extinguishers, sand, shovels, and water at all campfires. All Beltania full-festival guests are asked to perform a 2-hour workshift, and one option available is firetending. So, at peak times you can expect a fire tender to be present to light and maintain the fire.  

If you would like to use a fire pit but there isn't a firetender there, feel free to start the fire on your own. However, you will be expected to remain there until the fire is out or another firetender is willing to take over. Please send word to the info booth that you are starting one of the community fire pits. 

No Private Fires Without an Approved Permit
Only a few private fire pit permits are sold through registration, so that you can bring your own raised/enclosed fire pit. Digging your own fire pit or having a campfire without one of these permits is grounds for immediate removal from the festival without refund. In recent years there have been two wildfires on park grounds, and we don't want to be responsible for causing one!

About Our Community Fires:
Fire Pits and Sacred Balefires near the Center of the Universe

There are four campfires in the Center of the Universe: Two in front of the stage, and two closer to the Maypole Ritual Circle. Other fires are at Earth Village, Connection Canopy, and the Wild Meadow. 

The campfires closest to the Maypole are our sacred Balefires. They will be lit ceremonially, and re-lit each morning by the Keeper of the Flame. 

We expect that these fires will be lit whenever it is cold, and will probably be staffed at more times than any other fires. 

You may bring a grate or other implements for cooking over these fires. However no supplies are provided. 

Come meet new friends, enjoy the warmth, and hang out by these fires!
Wild Meadow" Drumming and Dancing Circle

All night drumming and trance circles starting at dark or when concerts are over, around the Wild Meadow Fire Pit. If you were at Beltania last year, you can expect the same sort of environment in the Wild Meadow this year. Respect is expected at all times, drunkenness and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated at any time in community spaces. Enforcement of these policies to ensure a safe and spiritual experience for all. The “Wild Meadow” is 18+ only. Use caution on rocky and possibly uneven ground, and be aware of wildlife and other related issues in this more remote and natural setting.
Connection Canopy 
and Earth Village

To maintain the comfort of our campers and workshop participants, a fire pit will be located at each of these workshop areas. 

You can expect these to be staffed less frequently, and if it's cold, workshops may be moved from the workshop canopies to around the fires. 

You may bring a grate or other implements for cooking over these fires. However no supplies are provided. 

These are quieter spaces, away from the hustle and bustle. Anyone is welcome to come drum and sing around these fires, but no evening activities are officially scheduled there.