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Drumming and Fire Circles

Beltania 2015 brings great change to many areas of our beloved Festival, and the fire circles will be one of the most noticeable. La Foret has three established wood burning fire pits and we will be utilizing them for the Balefire, Sweat Lodge and HearthFire Sanctuary. The Wild Woods (formerly Wild Meadow) will have a propane fire for the late night drumming and dancing.

If you would like to use the Balefire pit but there isn't a fire tender there, feel free to start the fire on your own. However, you will be expected to remain there until the fire is out or another fire tender is willing to take over. Please send word to the info booth that you are tending the Balefire.

There will be no other wood burning fire pits allowed. Personal campground fire pits must be propane. You are still required to have proper fire suppression/safety gear. Propane fires must still be tended by a responsible, sober adult.

About Our Community Fires
Sacred Balefire

The Balefire is located South East of the Community Center. It is a large wood burning fire pit with amphitheatre style seating. Although this area will used for many Rituals and workshops, it is open to anyone when not in use. If you light the fire, you are responsible for it until it goes out or another fire tender volunteers to be responsible. 

You may bring a grate or other implements for cooking over this fire. However no supplies are provided. 

Come meet new friends, enjoy the warmth, and hang out by this fire!
Wild Woods Drumming and Dancing Circle
Formerly Wild Meadow

All night drumming and trance circles starting at dark or when concerts are over, around the Wild Woods Fire Pit. If you were at Beltania last year, you can expect the same sort of environment in the Wild Woods this year. Respect is expected at all times, drunkenness and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated at any time in community spaces. Enforcement of these policies to ensure a safe and spiritual experience for all. The “Wild Woods” is 18+ only. Use caution on rocky and possibly uneven ground, and be aware of wildlife and other related issues in this more natural setting.