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Children's Activities

Kids are an important part of Beltania! About 15% of our guests are children and we offer very inexpensive admission to kids 12 and under attending with a parent or guardian. 

NO childcare is available at Beltania. Parents please supervise your children and teens at all times.

Children's Activities at the Community Center
There will be a space at the Community Center for parents to enjoy some activities and crafts WITH their children.  Scheduled activities will be posted on our Master Schedule

Our 2015 schedule of Children's Activities is not available at this time. 
In the meantime, view our 2014 offerings:
Maypole Dance and other Rituals
  • Children are welcome to help lead the Maypole Parade at 10am Saturday. Please assemble at the Stage by 9:45am. Some ribbons and costume items may be available, or dress up in your own fancy outfits!
  • Children under 4'6" should not dance the maypole with their own ribbon, since they may not be tall enough to go over other dancers. They may share a ribbon with their parent/guardian, or dance in the middle with a special dance party just for kids while bigger people are weaving the ribbons around them. 
  • Kids are welcomed at all rituals held during daylight hours.