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Rainbow Welcome Center

The Beltania Festival is for everyone that wants to participate, when we say ALL ARE WELCOME, we truly mean it.  The Rainbow Welcome Center has been set up this year to welcome you to the festival and create a safe place so you can truly be yourself. With your participation, the 2015 festival will be one of the best years yet. 

Come on by the Rainbow Welcome center during festival, receive a free commemorative wristband and make a wish/prayer on one of the ribbons for the maypole dance. We will be having a parade around the center of the universe on Friday to infuse the ribbons with some child energy. The parade will be led by the children of the festival as well as those that are sometimes childlike at heart. Please come and join us, bring your drums or other noise makers to join in and encourage the frolic to infuse the energy into the ribbons. Check your schedule for the specific time.


If you are interested in helping provide/create this safe space at the Rainbow Welcome Center, as well as fulfill one of your work shift requirements, then email for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and we truly mean ALL ARE WELCOME!

About the Maypole Dance:

The Maypole Dance is the highlight event of Beltania. You may have experienced or heard about a Maypole dance before, and like many of us, found it to be heterocentrist, sexist, and cis-gendered to the point of alienating many who identify differently or who believe in full equality and representation. So - we have transformed the Maypole Dance, through our intention, participation, words, and symbols, into a BIG GIANT RAINBOW of inclusivity and celebration of love in all its forms!

Traditionally the maypole dance is a celebration of heterosexual fertility. The pole represents the phallus, and the red and white ribbons represent the innocent, inexperienced female and the blood of lost virginity and blood of childbirth. Only young, pretty, fertile virgin girls in pretty white dresses could dance it... etc. etc. etc.... 

Our Maypole Dance takes on new meaning. The opening in the Earth and the wreath (placed atop the ribbons) represents the Divine Feminine. The pole represents the Divine Masculine. Both are important and necessary, and people of all gender identities help with the preparation. Red and white ribbons are replaced with a riotous array of rainbow colored ribbons representing the diversity of all orientations and lifestyles, the essence which blesses and unites it all. The ribbons are held by the Rainbow Welcome Center, prepared and blessed by those members of our rainbow community who feel called to do so. We connect with the children of the festival in celebration and joyfulness to infuse the special magic of childhood. And it is our honor to carry and present the ribbons in the parade, and as they are attached to the pole and raised up, they form an umbrella of inclusion and rainbow-themed celebration that is the only thing that allows the dance of ALL PEOPLE toproceed. 

Everyone is invited to kiss their loved one under the ribbons during the dancing and drumming!

Come be a part of the Rainbow Welcome Center and reinvent the true meaning of the Maypole Ribbon Dance!