HearthFire Sanctuary

This is our annual outdoor temple, located in the courtyard on the grounds of Taylor Memorial Chapel. It is a place to pray, give offerings, and receive omens from Friday at dawn to Sunday afternoon/evening. Offered by ADF Druid Fire Priests under the direction of Rev. William Ashton II, it will be open for all festival goers to make offerings and meet with an oracle to receive omens throughout the entire festival - day or night. Please know that this is not be a social fire. This is a holy fire that is summoned through skill and will, fed by the offerings of the folk, sustained by the vigil of Its keepers. This open, inclusive 'temple' for prayer, offerings, and omens will be accessible to all attendees of Beltania Festival, 24-hrs a day, for the duration of the festival.

While festivalgoers may visit any time day or night, there will be special services at Sunrise (6am), Mid-day (1pm), and Sundown (8pm). The services will be focused on offerings to Sun for blessings of warmth, and life, as well as opportunity for the folk to practice together in a group setting. Offerings of seasonally appropriate song, poetry, seeds and sprouts, grains, hand-made mead, local beers, or whatever speaks to your heart are appropriate. Please make sure all offerings are biodegradable and/or non-toxic burnable. It is customary to offer coins to the Ancestors, so bring some along for making offerings to your own honored dead. Many blessings! We'll see you at the Fire!