Sweat Lodges

The sweat lodge is an ancient tradition used by many cultures around the world. Native Americans, Norse, Celts, African tribes, Australian Aborigines, Mongols and many more have used the practice of a sweat lodge to reach out and touch the divine.

Please join us for a sweat lodge ceremony in what has become a Beltania tradition. Whether you have done a sweat lodge ceremony before or if this is your first time, you will not want to miss this opportunity for a great spiritual experience.

Most of the sweat lodges ceremonies will be lead by Jordan Beard. He is not Native American and while he follows a Native American spiritual path he is a polytheist that converges many faiths together. If you are looking for an authentic Native American sweat lodge, this is not it. Our lodge is eclectic like the people that come together to build our community. It will reflect that variety of traditions and views.

Unless stated otherwise all sweat lodges will follow the rules below:
Due to safety concerns we cannot at this time accept minors in lodge. Most lodges are co-ed. Please bring plenty of drinking water and a towel. You may bring a drum or rattle if you wish but you do not have to. Necklaces and bracelets made of metal are discouraged due to the high heat and possibility of injury. Clothing inside the lodge is optional, however everyone must enter and exit the lodge with some form of covering (ie. towel, sarong, shorts, tank top, underwear).

The sweat lodge is a community ritual, because our community is so diverse and open we must accept those of viewpoints different from our own. All viewpoints, faiths and beliefs will be respected within the lodge at all times. Alcohol and drug use of any kind will not be tolerated in the lodge, just prior or after the lodge.

The sweat lodge schedule will be available on the Beltania website at least 30 days prior to the start of the festival as well as in the info guide. We are also looking for individuals that are interested in helping build the lodge itself on Thursday morning before the festival opens to guests.  This early admission is a great opportunity to get on site early, pick out the perfect camping spot and enjoy the ritual process of building a sweat lodge. In addition there is a private sweat ceremony for the folks who help build the lodge. Please contact sweatlodge@beltania.org if you are interested or if you have any questions.