Young Men’s Rites of Passage Ritual

The coming of age ritual is universal. The specific practices may be different, the language, the symbols, even the deities and religions are different, but almost every culture in the world has some form of ritual for the change from being a child to being an adult.

More and more young men are growing up in modern society without such a transition, without any role model or way of knowing how they are expected to behave as an adult. A rite of passage is an excellent opportunity to change this. To give them a point in time to cling to, something to point at and say “I am a man”.

The Young Men’s Rites of Passage will begin at 2pm on Friday and should end around 6:30 though the exact length of the ritual will depend on the young men involved. We will meet at the amphitheater, please bring your son and be prepared to take part in the first five to ten minutes of the ceremony with them.

The rites will include challenges both physical and mental, education of both mind and soul, a chance for the young men to ask questions of an independent third party and tasks they must accomplish to progress. The rites are open to all young men ages 13-18, however, they must be ready to move forward and accept the challenges of being a man before they can begin.

These rites are presented by the Northern Colorado Covenant of the River and all materials will be provided. There is no charge for the rites however we ask that you pre-register before May 1st by contacting Also feel free to write with any questions you may have.