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Gate Procedures and Hours

Gate Procedures

The roads to Beltania are well-maintained and paved. Only the last few yards of public road and the onsite driveways are dirt roads. They will accommodate any vehicle and should not pose any clearance problems. There is no mountain driving.  When you enter, please stop at the (UPDATE LOCATION COMING SOON) to check in. Please plan on arriving during gate hours, otherwise we cannot guarantee entry.

All guests 18+ will need to:

  • Show a valid photo ID which matches the name provided when your ticket was purchased.
  • Wear a wristband. Color of the wristbands will indicate either 18+ or a minor.
  • Anyone entering the festival who is age 18+ will need to sign a Personal Liability Waiver before entering. To speed your entrance through the Gate, you may print it out and bring it with you, and we will have copies available at the gate. The copy on this website is identical to what you viewed when you registered using our online registration form.

Gate Hours

Wednesday, May 9 Gate Hours

Beltania is not open to guests on this day. The first staff to begin setup are the Coordinators and Assistants. They will be arriving at 9 AM. Volunteers are encouraged to arrive between 12-1pm. Food merchants may arrive any time between 12pm - 8pm. Regular Merchants (not selling food), Performers, and other Special Guests by prior approval: You will be contacted for your arrival time arrangements. 

Thursday, May 10 Gate Hours

Early Arrivals: Only merchants, performers, staff, Sweat lodge ceremony participants, and vehicles displaying handicap signs are permitted early entrance, which is 9:00 AM.

General Admission: The Gate is open for general admission starting at 10:00am. Please do not arrive too early. Those arriving earlier than 10 am to wait for entrance or anyone blocking access may be asked to turn around and head back into town until 10 am.

The Gate closes promptly at 9pm. If you plan on arriving in the evening on Friday, please be sure to arrive before 9pm or you may be denied entrance. If a late arrival is unavoidable, please try to email in advance to and there will be an after-hours bell to ring to summon a gate volunteer.

Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12 Gate Hours

The gate will be open from 8 am - 9 pm. Although checked-in guests may leave whenever necessary, we simply cannot staff the gate around the clock and we appreciate your arriving for check-in during gate hours. If a late arrival is unavoidable, please try to email in advance to and there will be an after-hours bell to ring to summon a gate volunteer.

Sunday, May 13 Gate Hours

Gate opens at 8 AM Sunday morning. All festivities are over at 12 noon. The gate closes at 4 PM, which is the end of the Festival. All guests must leave the Festival grounds by this time. No Sunday night camping on the grounds.

Summary of Gate Hours

Wednesday, May 9, 2012Closed to Festival Guests. Staff only.
Thursday May 10, 201210:00 am - 9:00 pm (exit any time)
Friday, May 11, 20128:00 am – 9:00 pm (exit any time)
Saturday, May 12, 20128:00 am – 9:00 pm (exit any time)
Sunday, May 13, 20128:00 am - 4:00 pm (all guests must exit by 4pm)