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Beltania is just one of many events offered by Living Earth, an open circle and community center located at 
2120 S Holly St #9, Denver CO 80222

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Special Events and Rituals

Jan. Full Moon ritual 1/26
Imbolc ritual & potluck 2/2 
Feb. Full Moon ritual 2/24 
Ostara ritual & potluck 3/17

Visit to RSVP and get all details. 

Ongoing Events 

             Every Friday evening
Chant Circle 1st Mondays 
Belly Dancing Classes every Mon
Intro to Craft of the Wise 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays - year-long class!
Pagan Learning Meetup 1st/3rd Wed
Book Club 2nd & 4th Wed
Reading Room Hours every Wed 
Crone's Tea 2nd Sundays

Join the Pagan Bowling LeaguePagans, Pints, & Pins! Saturday eve.
Community Outreach

Living Earth now offers a Food Bank to anyone in need! We are accepting food donations at Beltania and at all Living Earth rituals and events.

Many other volunteer and outreach efforts are underway... just contact if you need community support or want to get involved.