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Merchant Registration

To purchase merchant admission, booth space, advertising sponsorship, and other items please follow these directions:

1) Register and Pay for your booth space, admission, and other items here:

2) Download, initial/sign, and snail-mail a copy of the Beltania Merchant Contract, Release of Liability, and Policies along with your Resale License (Sales Tax License) if you sell merchandise. Address and directions are included in the document. 

3) We will email you a link to choose your booth space number after the above items are completed.

Questions? Contact us at

The new Beltania Merchant Marketplace will be in Inglis Hall, locked and secured when closed. Opens to merchants only at 7am, open to guests 8am-7pm, and locked overnight. (Times may be shifted upon merchant consensus.) The Beltania Silent Auction will be housed here, and there will be open seating around round tables for up to 40 guests adjacent to the Beltania Cauldron Cafe, which will cold food and snacks. Therefore, no food service will be allowed at any merchant booths. Merchants will not be required to do a 2-hour volunteer work shift this year.

Merchandise Sales:

Indoor Merchant Space: $50 per 8x6' space (along the perimeter of the hall, #11-20), $100 for an 8x12' space in the center of the hall (#3-10), and $200 for a 10x20' or more size space (#1-2). Merchants may share space with prior approval at Rooms lock up overnight, just bring draping material to cover.

Outdoor Merchant Space: No outdoor merchant space will be available without special arrangement. 

Readers and Body Workers:

2 Table spaces in Main Hall for Readers: We are limiting the number of reader spaces to two only. Tarot, runes, or other divination or intuitive methods welcomed. $60 for a 36" round table and chairs, 2 spaces available, one on either side of a large stone fireplace. Near seating area showcased location yet quiet. Bring a table covering.

2 Private rooms off of main hall for Bodyworkers/Massage: We are limiting the number of bodyworker spaces this year to two only.  $80 for standard space (1 available). Adjacent to the stage, irregular shape, curtain divides one side from stage yet still private. Concrete floor. $100 for deluxe space near restrooms, furnished with wingback chair and mirror, carpeted, it is the "Bride's room" when hall is used for weddings.