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Why Only These Tickets?

You might be wondering...

Why aren't there single-day passes or other ticket combos that are more convenient and less expensive for me? 

Beltania is a festival designed to be experienced as a multi-day event. Being there together over several days helps to create a sense of community and build connections, which is something Beltania is known for. Having lots of cars driving around all the time, with people coming and going, gives more of a spectator feel than what we are trying to achieve. In addition to being a music fest it is also a spiritual retreat; and having lots of people stopping by to just check us out for a few hours doesn't really fit with the spiritual retreat concept. 

It's also a logistical issue; as a volunteer-run organization, we simply don't have the staff or resources to handle the paperwork and accounting issues that come with different types of passes for different days. If we were to have daypasses every day and various overnight shorter camping packages, we'd need another 20 volunteers willing to give up their festival experience to staff the gate, attend parking lots, and security to enforce ticket expiration times all day every day.

That being said, anyone with an admission pass can stay as long or short a time as they wish. An admission pass is required to enter the festival, regardless of how long you choose to stay and whether you are commuting, camping off-site, or camping at Beltania. Camping is included with admission at no extra charge, so there is no discount for non-campers.

The Un-PC, In Your Face Answer... if you think this is really important offer more single-day passes and cheaper ticket combos, please assemble and train a team of 20 people each willing to work 8 hours per day for free every day of the festival, provide a contract guaranteeing their attendance and work commitment before the January 1 deadline so that we can add them to our staff AND give us $15,000 in cash to cover the loss of revenue so that we can still break even and still offer very expensive stuff like concerts and toilets, and we'll do it!