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Scholarships to Beltania

Any requests for discounted or scholarship tickets after February 20 will not be considered

- You are invited to Join the Staff in November or December to get free admission
- DEADLINE to apply for a scholarship is February 20

In the past, we have occasionally offered scholarships to Beltania for those who have been in a financially difficult situation. However, it has become problematic for a variety of reasons. Most often, when we have awarded even partial scholarships, those guests have tended not to show up at all. Several hours of valuable volunteer time gets wasted on someone who doesn't even come. 

If Beltania is to continue we need everyone to do their part. It is not fair to offer someone a free or reduced price ticket who has done no work trade; our staff members only get a free ticket if they put in at least 50 hours of pre-festival work or work at the festival in 8-12 hour shifts EVERY DAY. Some part-time staff member positions are available that are for a discounted ticket.

So, if you are interested in being a part of Beltania but can't afford it, we invite you to be a part of the staff, which will be forming in November-December-January. Keep an eye on the mailing list, our facebook page, and our volunteer page of this website for details. Generally we do not have very many positions available as our committed volunteers return year after year.

In very limited situations we may still offer scholarships without requiring a work-trade to accommodate for equal accessibility. For example, a family with a severely disabled child, we may allow an additional caretaker to attend at a reduced fee. If you need to request this type of scholarship, please submit your detailed request by February 20, 2014 to: Please include your contact information, how many will be attending, and what dollar amount of scholarship you request. Circumstances must be extraordinary.

Any requests for discounted or scholarship tickets after February 20 will not be considered. Our volunteer team planning Beltania is very busy and cannot reply to such requests after that time.  

And keep in mind that the best ticket pricing is in January!