Workshift Waiver Form

* Saturday Day Pass holders are not expected to do a workshift and do not need to fill out this form

If you would like to request a waiver for doing a 2-hour workshift or other community contribution at Beltania, please complete this form.

Just complete the Workshift Signup Form instead and choose the appropriate option. 

THIS FORM IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO FEEL THAT THEY CANNOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE FESTIVAL IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. Examples of situations that would be a reason for asking for an exemption: 
  - parent of a newborn or attending with a family member with severe special needs, or you have severe disabilities that prevent you from contributing at all.
  - You have a full festival admission but have to leave for large amounts of time

Examples that would not be a reason to ask for an exemption:
  - You don't want to contribute to community 
  - You can't lift or walk (we have several seated options!)
Those who do not do a workshift or other community contribution and have not submitted a waiver request will have to pay double admission the next year.

Beltania Workshift Waiver Request