We All Pitch In... All Beltania guests are asked to do a 2 hour workshift to help contribute to the community. This is very typical of multi-day festivals. Your ticket price would probably be tripled if we had to hire people to do everything, plus it creates a great sense of community. Read more about Required 2-Hour Workshifts and Alternatives. You'll see signup info during and after registration.

Want to Get More Involved? Here are some opportunities... All of these are great ways to meet people, have fun, and make a difference! See below for descriptions.
  • Join the Staff (free admission for many jobs! Some pre-fest, some full time at-fest)
  • Perform on Stage
  • Lead a Workshop or Ritual
  • Elder Advisory Board

Perform on Stage: This coming year is just about 100% booked and we are currently booking musical artists as well as guest speakers through 2016. Concert Information  Contact our Music Coordinator at music@beltania.org

Lead a Workshop or Ritual:
If you are a teacher, organizer, leader, or have something unique and special to share, we invite you to share this at Beltania! Information Here.

Design the Beltania T-Shirt
Contest opens 11/1, submit your entry by 11/30. Winner receives a complementary t-shirt and bragging rights. See Facebook for the announcement about this year's theme. Send your submission in a 300dpi jpg or pdf file to beltania@beltania.org.

Get Hired For Limited Jobs 
We hire service providers, rent equipment, and purchase supplies each year. If you have a business or service that might fill a need we have, please email joy at beltania@beltania.org. Examples include:  food service, sound and light engineering, T-shirt silkscreening and more.
Join the Beltania Staff if you'd like to help with pre-festival planning and organize/run things at the festival. Learn More Here. Starting in September (and possibly earlier or later depending on the job). Free tickets to the festival are available for those who work 8-12 hours per day at Beltania and/or for those who put in 50 hours or more of pre-Beltania planning.